Costumer: Middle-sized engineering company (renewable energy), affiliate of a (at that time) German group, with >80 subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, North America and Australia
Function: Head of Finance international
Situation: Huge growth in sales from zero to 400m EUR within 2 years. Insufficient business processes and financial structure. Parallel holding-likewise structure
Request: Professionalising especially of the financial structure
Integration affiliate into parent company (merger)
Rearrangement of investment financing (elimination of sub-holding)
Integration of financial accounting (operational, personnel)
Standardizing of business processes (preparation concept)

Project result:

  • Installation of financial accounting in Germany (staff, processes, quality)
  • Installation of financial controlling (staff, reporting, structures)
  • Optimization of SAP-Usage (modules FI, CO, MM, SD)
  • Installation of investment controlling (staff, processes, reporting)
  • Installation of month-end- / year-end-closing processes (development of standards, financial guidelines, evaluation methods, fast close)
  • Implementation of profit centre accounting and P&L-cost-of-sales format
  • Successful integration of the affiliate into parent company (merger)